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Paid vs Free Tool To Jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 UnTethered / Tethered

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Millions of people are searching a tool to jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 or 7.0.4 either on latest devices like iPad Air, iPhone 5S, 5C and iPad Mini 2 etc but they are not able to find a true solution which can be said or claimed as official tool to jailbreak iOS 7.0.3. If you search different terms on famous search engines like Bing, Google, Baidu etc and especially on like Jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 UnTethered or ios 7.0.3 jailbreak, or free official jailbreak download for iOS 7 etc, you will find many sites offering the download of the software which in almost all cases takes the visitors to a download page and then they are required to fill a form or participate a survey which after that asks to put the mobile number and if you click subscribe or submit they charge you 5-10 dollars and start submitting SMS every week which further charge you every week until you stop them by unsubscribing which again is a complicated process sometimes.

Update: [22-Nov-2013]: Apple has seeded iOS 7.1 Beta 1 for developers and now is the time to seek a tool i.e. Absinthe or evasi0n to jailbreak 7.1, we shall keep you updated on our blog.

jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 untethered

But most importantly there are no people who have shown us the working ios 7 / 7.0.3 jailbreak either on YouTube or any other platform. It means people who are stuck on these kind of sites offering to jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 are never able to get it even after completing the survey etc. May be they are getting some promises for next release and link to download evasi0n ios 6.1.2 jailbreak which actually is a free official jailbreak tool till now in addition to Absinthe and redsn0w untethered and tethered jailbreak programs.

Free Jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 / 7.0.4 / 7.1

In simple form or to clarify the people the official ios 7 jailbreak will be always free of charge as it was the case in the past. We have seen the release of, redsn0w, Absinthe and evasi0n without charging a penny to the jailbreak users. Question comes why the jailbreak tool is free? Very simple the jailbreak team is part of Cydia network which is controlled by Saurik and evad3rs are app developers which are available to download from Cydia. The people who will jailbreak iOS 7.0.3 or any older versions will obviously purchase some apps from Cydia or they will explore free jailbreak apps which contain adds and giving huge income to jailbreakers.

Jailbreakers in the past have also requested for donations which was a good idea to cover the jailbreak development charges because at the end they are humans and having lots of needs and expenditures. This is the time of materialism and no one will work for us without earning something in return.

Should I purchase a paid Tool To jailbreak iOS 7.0.3?

I would say no, first of all it is not released so there is no question of purchasing from any website secondly they are offering to opt in for mobile campaigns which will cost you multiple time and you will not know it. On the other hand if you have iOS 6.1.2 on any devices or 6.1.3 on iPhone 3Gs, iPad & iPod touch and you are afraid of the process of jailbreaking you can register with some websites which are offering lifetime membership because they shall provide you authentic tools and even they will jailbreak for you once you are member of them. For this purpose I found ijailbreakpro a good choice because they are clearly mentioning that which jailbreak solution is available at the moment and they are not claiming to provide a jailbreak ios 7.0.3 or ios 7 including 6.1.4 etc.


We should wait for final release of evasi0n tool to jailbreak ios 7.0.3 or any other available versions and should keep away from any website especially asking to complete a survey etc.

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